The Yearbook Class


Course Description

The yearbook course has been designed to provide students with the journalism skills and the ability to apply those skills to the actual production of the yearbook. Units of study include responsibility, brainstorming, content, coverage, writing headlines and captions, editing, photography, typography, design, graphics, finances, yearbook campaigns, advertising, and distribution.


The work we do results in the current volume of the school’s yearbook. The publication strives to maintain a tradition of excellence in which the school and the community expect and can take pride.


Unit 1 Brainstorming, content, coverage, roles, beats, concepts 3 weeks
Unit 2 Reporting, writing, headlines, captions, editing 5 weeks
Unit 3 Photography, typography, design, graphics 4 weeks
Unit 4 Finance, campaigns 3 weeks
Unit 5 Advertising, distribution 3 weeks

Yearbook Lessons

Writing Headlines

Writing Captions

Writing Copy

Layout/ Design

Photoshop techniques



  • Letter to Advertiser 1
  • Letter to Advertiser 2
  • Letter to Parents.pdf
  • Letter to Senior Parents



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