Journalism 1, 2, 3 – Pirateer Newspaper

Students will be introduced to the language of media and how to write in a media style. Study of online/newspaper page layout, media advertising, interviewing, copy editing, video, art and photography will be included.

Students completing the Journalism course will be more prepared for the challenge of working on the school newspaper and Internships.

We will also work on the social media and website!

Newspaper logo
Newspaper logo

This course will focus on all aspects of media (radio, newspaper, television, social media, web design and the internet).

  • Journalism 1
    • Introductions
      • Press Pass
      • Newsroom Rules & Etiquette
      • Interactive Notebook
      • What is journalism/what makes something newsworthy?
        • News tips
      • Production Process/Workflow
    • History, Ethics, & Press Law
      • Shattered Glass Movie
      • Ethics Activity
      • Press Law
      • Peer Editing Expectations
    • Leads, News Writing
      • Covering breaking news
    • AP Style
    • Headline Writing
      • UIL Prompts
    • Investigative Journalism
      • All the President’s Men
    • AP Style
    • Feature Writing
      • Personality Feature
      • Club Feature
      • Informational Feature
      • News Feature (UIL Prompt)
      • Sports Feature
      • Human Interest Feature
    • Opinion Writing
      • Blogging
      • Editorial
      • Column Writing
      • Advice
      • Editorial Cartoon
      • Movie Review – The Lion King (tie-in w Hamlet)
      • Podcast
    • Sports & Broadcast
      • Game Recap
      • Movie Project – news segment
    • Advertising, PR & Multimedia
      • Ad Design Project
      • News Literacy/Advertorials
      • Product Placement
      • Polls & Surveys
      • Social Media Responsibilities
    • Photojournalism, Photoshop and Captions
      • White Balance
      • Aperture, ISO, and Shutter Speed
      • Capturing emotion and telling a story
      • Composition
      • Uploading, Organizing, and Editing
        • File naming convention
        • Lightroom Basics
      • Light Painting (fun)
      • Captioning
    • Yearbook Layout and Design
      • Terminology
        • Tear apart the book!
      • Layout Guidelines
        • Color
        • Sizing
        • White Space
      • Typography (painting/lettering)
      • Good vs Bad Design
      • Theme Packet
    • Current Events Quizzes
  • Photojournalism
    • Introductions
      • Press Pass
      • Newsroom Rules & Etiquette
      • Interactive Notebook
      • What is photojournalism
      • Production Process/Workflow
        • Peer Critique
        • Slideshow Practice
      • Uploading, Organizing, and Editing
        • File naming convention
    • History, Ethics, & Law
    • Composition
      • Rules of Composition – notes & shooting practice
    • Camera Settings & Exposure
      • White Balance
      • Aperture, ISO, and Shutter Speed
        • Camera Sim
        • Portraits
      • Capturing emotion and telling a story
      • Composition
        • Unique Angles
      • Panning/Intentional Motion
      • Lightroom Basics
      • Light Painting (fun)
    • Photography Practice & Photoshop
      • Clones
      • Cut-Outs
      • Magazine Cover
      • Superhero Poster
      • Scavenger Hunt
      • Advertisement Design
      • Stop Motion
    • InDesign
      • Expressions
      • A Day in the Life
      • Design Basics
    • Captions
    • Jobs in Photojournalism
Week Topic
1 Intro to Journalism – History of Journalism

Role of Journalists

Portfolio Review –

What is a journalist?

– Current Events

2 Basics of Journalism & vocabulary – What is a newspaper?
3 Ethics of news- News Writing/ Workshops 1 and 2
4 News Writing assignment & article review
5 Reporting Basics/ Workshops
6 Reporting assignment & article review
7 The Art of Interviewing
8 Writing assignment & article review
9 Newspaper critique/Internet Critique
10 Workshops/Layout/Newspaper Design
11 Shattered Glass
12 Editorial Writing assignment & article review
13 Sports Reporting/ Layout/Beats/News ideas
14 Sports Writing assignment & article review
15 All the Presidents Men
16 Newspaper Critique & article review/ Workshops
17 Link Journalism

Photojournalism/Business of newspaper (sales)

18 Finals Review & Final Test

American Press Institute


History of Journalism:

The story of journalism

Highlights from the history of journalism, from Mark Twain and Lois Lane to … Welcome to the world of journalism!!

Before you begin learning how to report and write stories, take a tour of the heroes and history that brought us this far.


6 Newsroom heroes, legends and folklore
Highlights from the history of journalism, from Mark Twain and Lois Lane to “Citizen Kane.”

8 The birth of journalism
How newspapers were established in America — and how the fight for a free press led to war.

10 News in the 19th century Mass media dominated city streets, while yellow journalism gave reporters a bad name.

12 News in the 20th century Radio and television threaten the media monopoly newspapers enjoyed for centuries.

14 Today’s changing media landscape
The availability of news online has created new opportunities and challenges for journalists.

16 The student journalists’ news attitude survey
Compare your news consumption habits to those of hundreds of other students nationwide.


Pick 1 History of American History quizlet

Functions of Mass Media

Learn Trello/web parts

How do I get to the Pirateer page layouts?

Images-Cut lines and more!!

Story Selection

What are current events?

Pick Assignments for teams

Start group assignment: Overhaul

  1. newspaper
  2. website
  3. social media

Posting for social media: (Ethics) Rules of the road

Writing Solid Leads:

Curating a complete news story:

Ethics in Journalism!

We will take the Student Press Law quiz at the end of this module!

Let’s talk about copyright and other big journalism rules!

When you think you know what all this is about… please take this short copyright quiz!

We also want to talk about something cool called “Creative Commons”

So look for the logos listed on this page before you use something from the internet!

Critique stories and other content

Grammar Check

Monday (WK3 Critique)
Critique 2 (Here is a link for news critiques for journalism)
Do ALL three:
Stateman-Journal story)

Fill out story idea sheet to turn inStory Idea Sheet

    Story ideasIDEAS:Check local and daily newspapers
  • Check Internet sites of teen interest and schools
  • Check online student newspapers
  • Talk with the school’s public relations person
  • Talk with coaches, guidance counselors, secretaries and the principal
  • Talk with the principal’s advisory group or cabinet
  • Talk with student council members and the sponsor
  • Survey teachers about unusual assignments, clubs they sponsor, students in their classes who are involved in interesting activities.
  • “Beat Letters” for all clubs, organizations, teams, department heads, PTA, custodian or maintenance works, librarians.
  • Contact parent groups, such as athletic boosters or band boosters
  • Walk around the school and take note of posted fliers
  • Look at the sports calendar, district calendar and school calendar
  • Ask your friends what they would like to see in the paper
  • Survey students in the school newspaper or as a class assignment
  • Contact cafeteria workers, bus drivers, maintenance personnel, etc.
  • Watch local and national news programs for stories that might interest your audience
  • Exchange newspapers with other schools
  • Brainstorm in class
  • Seek out students, coaches, teachers, staff, alumni or clubs to profile
  • Contact the alunni group
  • Check out other media for new releases, such as CDs, movies or books
  • “Play Detective” — ask questions about things that have sparked your curiosity
  • Ask your peers to write letters to the editor, columns, editorial cartoons or to participate in “man-on-the-street” columnns
  • Check out school policies or the code of conduct
  • Attend school board meetings

Story ideas
1 How to find story ideas – Read
2 Developing Story Ideas – Read
3 Formula for a Well written article – Read –


Write your story!!!

What are you having problems with?
What is going well?
What is the next step?
Everyone will be in a different spot in the project so please ask me questions…..

Blogging (News)

Workshop 1 – BLOG

What Makes News or What Makes News
3 Reporters Style Guide

Attribution- The use of said.

Journalism News Definitions (PPT)

news writing vocabulary for web

Interviewing Skills

Interviewing Tips:

  1. Leave subject in natural environment that fits story
  2. Make it a conversation
  3. Don’t be afraid of silence
  4. The power of the open-ended question
  5. Do a pre-interview (make them comfortable)
  6. Don’t cut it short
  7. If they’ve dodged a question, re-phrase it
  8. Ask, “is there anything you would like to add?”


Oct 1, 2010 – Editor’s note: Interviewing is the cornerstone of good journalism, andthestories you tell are only as good as the information you get. Eight CNN …


Dec 6, 2013 – The Art of Interviewing is part of our ‘This Is How We Do It Series’. This is for you if you want to undertake interviews that give you rich insight …


Pachter main points:

  1. Figure out how you encounter people and what you want to find out about them
  2. A good interview is never about intellect, it’s about their energy, their life force
  3. Modest people make poor interviewees
  4. How do you get through barriers
  5. Get them to open up-What is the key that allows it to proceed?
  6. Affectionate arm wrestling
  7. Empathy-feel what they want to say
  8. Everybody is waiting to be asked about their story

Marc Pachter has conducted live interviews with some of the most intriguing characters in recent American history. 


Next, because this class is called “Journalism” we need to look at Digital Photography!

Walsworth yearbooks is the foremost authority in teaching students how to use a camera properly.

They have kindly given us permission to use the lessons they developed just for you!

Here are the five lessons and exercises, plus the glossary:

Photo Lesson Plan 1 – Digital camera basics

Photo Lesson Plan 2 – Photo composition

Photo Lesson Plan 3 – Visual storytelling

Photo Lesson Plan 4 – Viewing and critiquing

Photo Lesson Plan 5 – Photo ethics

Photo Lesson Plan – Glossary of photo terms


Link Journalism

Once your story is in the newspaper, we want to promote it on the website. But it is not enough to just post it in its original form. We use Link Journalism (with the internet and social media) to enhance, complement, source or add content to stories.

Let’s go through this lesson:

We start with the history of Links

And some of the details

Count off into groups and lets highlight words or phrases that we could use to link content.

(give one, get one) Groups move to next story.

Now we add social media and other elements

and now we figure out if we learned anything!


Why the Newspaper Industry is Thriving…In India!

 iPhone – What are your thoughts? Are iPhones/Smart phones saving the newspaper industry? Why or why not.

Off The Record?

You are being interviewed by a major news publication, and you tell the reporter something that is “off the record.”
You use a slightly vulgar word to describe someone else’s recent actions. A reporter from a news department overhears what you said, and he tweets that statement to the world.
After he does, he claims he did not know that what you said was “off the record.”



Rank the following types of people in terms of their trustworthiness:
Teenagers                Teacher                    Financial Adviser
Child under 10         Journalist                  Factory worker
Parent                       Doctor                       Plumber
Grandparent            Real Estate Agent    Poet

  • Why did you rank them as you did?
  • How important was your past experience in shaping your views of these categories of people?
  • Were there any that you categorized as either high or low trust according to second-hand reports?
  • If so, which ones?POST TO BLOG AS WK9 Trustworthy


Watch Shattered Glass

Shattered Glass Activities

NPR Interview (2004)
CNN Interview (2003)
California Case 2014
Glass 2013
Glass 2014
Update on Glass
Update 2
Update 3


Watch All the President’s Men


Watergate handout Exercise 2
5 All the Presidents Men

Writing an Op/Ed (Opinion/Editorial)
Editorial to read 1
Editorial to read  2

1 Editorial
2 Editorial
3 editorial –

Write an Opinion/Editorial – 150-200 words

USA Today


Advertising Unit

We need to learn to sell ads for our school newspaper! This sounds daunting but it is actually quite easy if you believe in the product.

We will use several lessons presented by School

Newspaper Design-InDesign




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