Convergent Media

At times it seems the internet is alive, changing every femtosecond to reveal emerging technologies, network architecture, data communications and media. We use common interfaces such as smart phones to make calls and search the web. We can deliver text,audio, and video material over the same wired, wireless or fiber-optic connection.

Wikipedia describes Convergent Media as, “as the interlinking of computing and other information technologies, media content, and communication networks that has arisen as the result of the evolution and popularization of the Internet as well as the activities, products and services that have emerged in the digital media space. Many experts[who?] view this as simply being the tip of the iceberg, as all facets of institutional activity and social life such as business, government, art, journalism, health, and education are increasingly being carried out in these digital media spaces across a growing network of information and communication technology devices.”

Convergent Media
Convergent Media

Day 1 (August)

Journalism syllabus

need email for tomorrow

Day 2-
Sign up for a account
Practice posting and finish your first page with pictures and 1 link

Day 3-
Give me your blog address – For example: 

Quick read! –
Step 1 – Read the Pirateer
Step 2 – Grab a marker from Ms. Shotts
Step 3 – Create a list of the things you read or viewed(What picture, what story, etc.)

Day 4–
Blog as: WK1 Media
What media do you use? Start from 7:30AM yesterday until 7:30AM today.
Blog your answer to your wordpress account

 Media I used in the past 24 hours……. (post to your blog as WK1 Media)


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